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Pacific Handy Cutter
Product Code: EZ7

Available in Colours


• The EZ7 Guarded Spring Back Safety Cutter features a metal cutting guard that moves in tandem with the blade, retracting both the guard and blade simultaneously
• The guard covers the blade during top cutting to protect the user and to help reduce damage to the product
• The spring-back blade can also be extended without the guard when needed.
• Can be used with UKH-324 or UKH-325 Holsters
• Attach to CL-36 Coil Lanyard for better retention.

• Spring-Back retracting blade for added safety
• 3 blade depth positions for top cuts, shallow tray cuts and deep cuts
• Ambidextrous
• Built in tape splitter
• Includes one SP-017 Safety Point Blade
• Holds 5 additional blades
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Saturday 31st October 2020